Opinion: 5 Android games with great graphic quality

Along with the development of technology, gamers are certainly spoiled with increasing profits. Starting from real-world gameplay to high-quality graphics.
Surprisingly, this game with graphic quality can not be accessed only by manual or PC. Mobile games that can be accessed through Android have also grown rapidly through a series of games featuring god images. Check out this list of Android games with nice graphics to install on your smartphone.

PUBG Mobile.

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PUBG Mobile has become one of the most popular royal games and even in the e-Sports category of international competition. In addition to the gameplay you are interested in, the shows offered are also childish, namely with interesting and authentic details. No wonder PUBG Mobile can be more than 3GB size.

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FIFA Mobile

The popularity of virtual soccer is not echoed on consoles and PCs. Mobile players can also enjoy virtual football through FIFA Mobile. Like the FIFA 21 version, FIFA Mobile also has attractive graphics and interactive gameplay. Some parts are also
completed, according to the European Union’s license to an online version called the FIFA Ultimate Team.

Life After.

Games with unlocking worlds can also be enjoyed to the fullest thanks to stunning graphics. Like LifeAfter which lets gamers feel like playing a PC version of online games. The many missions in this game that you can do online also obscure the detailed graphics of this 3GB game.
Need For Speed ​​No Limits

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Need For Game series that is truly legendary from the PlayStation 1. Generation does not seem to end fans, Need For Speed ​​is now released in a mobile version under the name No Limits. Still having a lot of original cars, a picture of a crash, a race, and the police chase will let you drop your adrenaline even though it sounds through the smartphone screen.
Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

The legendary MMORPG game release, Ragnarok, is also a high profile hit on Android. Having a fantastic story with detailed graphic details is very much Ragnarok M: Eternal Love never left the audience. Due to the cold images, this game will take more than 5GB of storage on your smartphone.

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