Ways person can increase his (intelligence Quotient)

Can a Person Increase Their IQ?



Intelligence Quotient [IQ] is used as a measure to measure an individual’s intellectual capacity at any given time. Your measurement methods can be available in different formats and experiences. In many cases, it is shown in the ability of a person to think as well as the ability to formulate different subject matter within some level of cognitive ability.


With this type of cognitive training, it is possible to increase your IQ level. Going through some scientific research on the question of raising IQ, there are different methods you can use to increase your brain power, help yourself to gain more information and a new perspective on keywords -a word of interest that you never had before.


Some of the proven science with the following –




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This is one of the fastest ways to increase your cognitive ability and increase your IQ. People who read stand in front of the dead because they have better information and always have new insights by breaking into others who have a better understanding of the matter.




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Some scientists have discovered a deep correlation between new language writing and understanding. In the report, they pointed out that language learning between 18 – 24 months plays an important role in children’s cognitive abilities later in life.




It will take creativity to produce music that others will love. Learn new musical instruments in a way that opens one to new worlds, helping individuals design the way they understand sound waves while using knowledge to balance collective frequencies as they create melodies.




According to one study, it is noteworthy that musicians generally have better working memories than non-music people.




You can’t always learn something new to run old things or be restricted to clean running tasks. There are new ideas and skills to do things you never knew how to do before. You have to give up your old knowledge of family activities at once, upgrade it or find new ones. It will bring new perspectives that will affect your cognitive abilities.




Doing this will not be easy, but it helps in memory tasks. Brain functions associated with memory functions have been known to aid human cognitive ability.




“No one should pursue goals that are easy to achieve. One must develop the wisdom of what one can barely achieve through one’s great efforts. ”- Albert Einstein.




According to the genius, putting in the effort of achieving difficult tasks is one way of changing your mind. It helps your brain cells and muscles in the right direction, essentially creating the necessary memory capacity to support the new knowledge you get to do hard things.


For example, non-southern people may start learning to clean their mouths with the left hand. It is a task that may seem simple, but it is still difficult to do at first. However, once you learn how to finally do it, you will see great improvement in how you manage your speaking hand in other tasks.


In conclusion, it is also important to note that one study found that maintaining an IQ level was difficult. Reports from the study suggest that people looking to increase their brain size may also return to their own IQ if they stop doing new activities in the long run.

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